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 Delivering affordable new ATM machines, intelligent ATM operating services and financially rewarding ATM ownership solutions to Australian businesses since 2004.

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Take Control of Your Payment Environment.

Stop wasting money on POS charges.

The independent ATM payment system is the only payment technology that financially rewards merchants. Drive your customers to a payment method that pays YOU. Set the convenience charge, which is GST free. Also set the cash withdrawal limit at your ATM. Make money from each ATM transaction in your business. Be your own boss even when it comes to how your customers pay you. 

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Payment Power to You.

Our ATM ownership solution will work as hard for your business as you do.

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Unparalleled Quality in New ATMs for sale.

Personalised ATM operating services. 

We bring our intelligence, passion, extensive knowledge of ATMs, great IT systems like our proprietary CRM and ATM management software Boobsta®, substantial technical support infrastructure throughout Australia, great relationships with all our partners in the supply chain, to make sure you get the best product and service possible. Our extremely knowledgeable customer support staff  with proven problem solving and customer complaint resolution skills have been with us since the beginning of our business.

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Earn $1000 a month.*

Based on an average performing ATM site doing 500 cash withdrawals on our network.

*Not a guarantee of performance of your ATM location.

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Why should I buy a new ATM for sale? 

When I can get a free one from someone else...

Market deregulation and the uptake of contacless payments have disrupted traditional business models in the ATM industry. 

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Boobsta® is a registered trade mark of Mandrake.ATM.

IP Australia trade mark number 1792935.

We're proudly based in sunny and rapidly growing Brisbane, but our customers live and work all over Australia. We believe in making buying and operating ATMs as easy and profitable as possible. We believe Australian business owners deserve to earn extra income from providing access to a payment method to their customers. 

We believe cash needs to remain a viable payment method for the foreseeable future since it is immune to outages due to loss of power, hacking and telecommunications inherent to all electronic payment systems. 

Our climate is changing. We can expect ever more frequent and intense extreme weather events affecting large parts of the country at a given time, rendering card  payments in affected areas useless. We also believe it is in Australia's national interest to make sure that the ATM payment system remains a viable payment system precisely for this reason.