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What happens after you buy an ATM?

We explain everything you need to know about what to expect from us once you buy your ATM.

Step 1

ATM delivery, installation and operator training.

We will closely coordinate with you the date of the delivery and installation of your ATM. Our technician will provide all the necessary basic training on how to operate and cash your ATM. You will be advised on best practice security procedures for your ATM. 


Step 2

We configure your ATM for your location.

We generate unique and secure identifiers for your ATM based on your location. It usually takes two weeks from receiving your signed contract and full payment to configure and deliver your ATM to your site. 

Step 3

Cash your ATM.

You cash your ATM according to your needs. The cash taken out of your ATM will be settled back into your nominated bank account the next business day.


Every day you will receive an email telling you how much money has been withdrawn from your ATM the previous day. 

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Step 4

Enjoy your monthly ATM revenue.

At the end of each trading month, we calculate your ATM earnings, issue you with a monthly invoice and deposit your earnings into your account in the first ten days of the next month.

We are here to support you.

Rest assured that with our extensive industry knowledge and responsive ATM technical support we have you completely covered.
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