The price of our ATMs represents great value.

Amazing science joins sleek design, reliability and great functionality at affordable prices.

Whether you look to buy an ATM, get a free ATM or lease an ATM, with our NH 2700 CE and NH 2700 T ATM models, you can be sure we have a cash accees solution for every Australian location.


Buy an ATM

machine that is

tested and tried.

Bringing you the latest advancements in ATM technology at accessible prices.

Nautilus Hyosung ATM models have been tested and tried in the demanding logistical, climate and telecommunications environments of Australia. The NH 2700 series of ATM machines are heavy-duty and free-standing models that are dependable and easy to use. They have high-capacity note storage. The NH 2700 CE ATM model is suitable for indoor use in pubs, hotels, nightclubs, pharmacies, bars, schools, shopping malls, hairdressers, workspace cafeterias, university campuses, mines, construction sites, military barracks, factories, caravan parks, business tower lobbies, sporting venues and any other indoor location. The extra heavy duty NH 2700 T (through-the-wall) ATM model is suitable for street use with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Our ATMs are

connected to superior

IT systems.

Apart from being connected to advanced and secure IT systems of the Australian electronic payments system, our ATMs are also connected to our superior proprietary CRM and ATM management software, Boobsta®. Thanks to these IT systems, our customers get timely and absolutely accurate monthly statements and payments.

Feature highlights of the NH 2700 ATM series

Sleek looks, innovation and rock-solid reliability. Fully compliant with latest regulatory requirements. The built-in LED backlit sign makes this already attractive ATM even more visible.
ATM 2.jpeg
NH 2700 CE: Innovative Design and Great Capacity

Great lobby style ATM for SMEs

The 2700 features a user-friendly interface with a large 10.1”display screen and tactile touch function keys. A significant advantage of the 2700 ATM is its high-capacity note storage able to accommodate up to three removable cassettes to make managing you cash easier.Ease of maintenance and simplified service routines provide maximum availability and increased uptime with minimal operational intervention.

NH 2700T: Heavy Duty ATM

Great ATM for use in streets and other locations with heavy pedestrian traffic

The 2700T brings you through the wall convenience and the latest advancements in ATM technology. Plus, the appealing exterior is suitable for even the most fashionable locations. This heavy-duty machine gives you dependability and ease of maintenance with the added bonus of high capacity note storage. Add a video topper to stream advertising of your choice to attract more sales and customers.

ATM Prices

Choose buy or lease options that suit you.

NH 2700 CE Buy Option


  • Excludes GST and shipping.

  • You set the direct ATM charge.

  • 3-year warranty on parts and labour if the device at fault.

  • 24-hour phone support.

NH 2700 CE Lease Option
      $199.35 per month 
  • Excluded GST and shipping.

  • You own the ATM at the end of the 48-month lease term.

  • You set the direct ATM charge.

  • 3-year warranty on parts and labour if the device at fault.

  • 24-hour phone support.

NH 2700 T Buy Option


  • Excludes GST and shipping.

  • You set the direct ATM charge.

  • 3-year warranty on parts and labour if the device at fault.

  • 24-hour phone support.

ATM machines are like mobile phones.

Your ATM machine must be connected to a particular ATM network in order to function. 

Only Australian certified ATMs will work on Australian ATM networks. 

Our services

Operating smoothly 24/7

Call us on 1800 672 867 or email us at for more information.

ATM transaction processing.

Considerably less than $1 per ATM transaction

We use a dynamic pricing model that takes into consideration a number of factors when we make you an offer for our ATM processing fees. At the lowest end of the pricing range, our ATM transaction processing fees are one of the lowest in Australia. Prices given here are only for "buy your own ATM" business model.

Precisely and timely payments

We collect all the direct ATM fees on your behalf, calculate and pay you your earnings in the first week of the following month of trading.

Ongoing technical maintenance and support

If you own your ATM machine, you pay only when an ATM technician is required to attend your business location or when extensive support is provided over the phone by a qualified ATM technician. In most cases, our customer support staff can help you fix most issues over the phone at no cost to you..

Delivery of the ATM machine to your business


Delivery prices depend on the weight of the type of ATM you choose to buy.

Installation and staging of your ATM

Prices depend on location.

Advice on cashing procedures


Advice of security procedures


ATM insurance advice

We highly recommend that you insure your ATM together with your other business equipment.

We can organise finance for your ATM

If you need financing for your ATM machine, we will refer you to our financing partner

We have partnered with Multipli to provide our customers with finance for an ATM machine. Multipli's terms and conditions for leasing arrangements apply. For more info visit Multipli's website.

Extra benefits from having an ATM

Attract cash-centric customers

Did you know that the majority of elderly people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in Australia prefer cash as a payment method for small purchases. Also a

significant proportion of people from many NESB speaking cultural backgrounds prefer cash as a payment method. Are you inclusive?

If you operate a retail business in a tourist area with a heavy presence of foreign tourists, you need to be aware that many of these tourists come from cash-centric countries. These

customers prefer to pay in cash for all of their small purchases. 

Elderly at ATM.jpg