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Our ATM Operation Services

ATM Transaction processing

We charge considerably less than $1 per ATM transaction. ATM transactions do not occur GST, unlike POS transactions.

We use a dynamic pricing model that takes into consideration a number of factors when we make you an offer for our ATM processing fees. At the lowest end of the pricing range, our ATM transaction processing fees are one of the lowest in Australia. The prices given here are only for the "buy your own ATM" business model.


Precise and timely payments

We collect all the direct ATM fees on your behalf, calculate and pay you your earnings in the first week of the following month of trading.


Ongoing technical and maintenance support

If you own your ATM machine, you pay only when an ATM technician is required to attend your business location or when extensive support is provided over the phone by a qualified ATM technician. In most cases, our customer support staff can help you fix most issues over the phone at no cost to you.


Delivery of the ATM machine to your business

We charge between $330-$550. Delivery prices depend on the weight of the type of ATM you choose to buy.



Advice of cashing procedures

We provide optimal advice about how much cash your ATM location will require. We do not charge for this service.


Installation and staging of your ATM

The prices we charge for this service depending on your location and the type of ATM you buy.



Advice on security procedures

We advise you on the optimum security procedures to prevent any harm come to your ATM and business. The likelihood of someone stealing money from your ATM or damaging your ATM is minimal if you strictly follow our advice. ATMs placed in the interior of your business are extremely safe.


We advise you on the best ways to protect your ATM investment.

We highly recommend you insure your ATM together with your other business equipment.

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