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Technical Specifications of our ATM Machines 

The NH 2700 CE and NH 2700 TTW represent the best value for money ATM machines for Australian SMEs. Our customers have been using them for years and they are really amazingly reliable.

NH 2700 CE and TTW Technical ATM Specifications

Supports six languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

Lobby style ATM mode: Enhanced Standard 1 (Hyosung Standard) DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

System Platform

Microsoft (R) Windows (R) CE 6.0

Card Reader

Dip type card reader
IC Card Reader (optional)
Anti-skimming (optional)

Screen Display

10.1" colour TFT LCD


Graphical thermal receipt printer

Power supply

AC 110-240 V, 56-60 Hz


UL business hour safe
Electronic lock (cencon lock, S&G lock, optional)

Input Type

8 tactile touch function keys
ADA compliant
PCI compliant EPP
RKT (optional)


TCP/IP, dial up

Cash Dispenser

2 x 2,000 note removable cassettes 
Ready for next generation Australian currency notes

Additional Features

Flicker. LED Topper (optional). Audio jack. EPP illumination. Speaker. Braille keypad. Digital receipt. Electronic journal.

Enviromental Conditions

Temperature: 0C-40
Humidity: 20-85%


Height: 1,328 mm
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 470 mm
Weight: 120 kg

NH TTW Variations

The specifications for this model are almost exactly the same as the model above. The only difference is that the NH 2700 TTW is a bigger ATM (height 1,828 mm, width 546.1 mm, depth 464.9 mm, weight 400 kg). This model is also weatherised (waterproof). The NH 2700 T has a 24 hour safe.

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