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There are four things to consider when buying, leasing or getting an ATM "for free".

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Decide if your business is a good match for an ATM.

1. Do you want to be paid exclusively in cash? 
2. Are there any other businesses near you that are paid predominantly in cash? 
3. Is your ATM going to be the only one within close walking distance from your business? 
4. Do businesses in your industry commonly have an ATM at their location? 
5. Are your customers requesting a cashback when they pay with their debit card? 
6. Do you have customers frequently asking you where the nearest ATM is?
7. Is your business a gaming venue?


If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, it means that your ATM will do well financially.

Consideration #2

Determine what type of an ATM you want for your business.

There are two ATM models: a lobby style of ATM and a through-the-wall ATM. Most ATM models come with two types of safes: Business Hours and Level 1. The main difference between the two safes is the thickness and strength of their walls and the difficulty of opening. Business hours safe is perfect for an ATM placed well within the interior of a place of business, while Level 1 safe is better suited for outdoor, through-the-wall ATMs. The weight for the lobby style NH 2700 CE is 120 kgs, while for the through-the-wall version of the same model is 325 kgs.

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Ultra sleek & functional ATMs for all types of business locations

If you expect heavy usage of your ATM proposed location go for the through-the-wall ATM model.

Luckily, one of the best-looking ATM models, available on the Australian market, is also one of the more affordable models (NH 2700).  The sleek, modern Nautilus Hyosung ATM looks great in location.


With extensive experience with multiple ATM models from different ATM manufacturers, Mandrake ATM decided to only provide this ATM model (in two different sizes) to our customers, because we believe that it ticks all the boxes from looks to functionality, price, and capacity. 

The screen size on both the NH 2700 CE lobby and through-the-wall ATM is the same: 10.1 inches.
(Photo of actual model shown).

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Our ATMs are very secure.

All of our ATMs are built to withstand all common threats.

The NH 2700 CE locks range from standard electronic locks to Cencon and S&G locks. The Cencon is the standard ATM lock on this model, which also is a standard lock for most new ATMs in the Australian market. The Cencon lock includes dual access control, one time combinations, encrypted electronic keys, alarm connectivity, and an internal power source. Third-party cashing service providers require that ATMs they service upgrade to Cencon or a software-based system like S&G.

The NH 2700 CE comes with two cassettes, each capable of storing 2,000 notes. For most customers, this note capacity is more than enough.

Consideration #3

Choose your ATM business model from the options listed below.

Buy your own ATM - business model

Pros of the buy your own ATM model:

  1. Most lucrative of the three business models;

  2. No ongoing costs besides occasional maintenance;

  3. You set the direct charge for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries;

  4. You get the lion share of the direct ATM charge;

  5. No credit checks required;

  6. You can resell the ATM when you exit your business. 


Cons of the buy your own ATM model:

  1. Highest start-up costs;

  2. You pay for maintenance and regulatory upgrades.

Build your own ATM
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Buying and operating an ATM is easy.

Call us on 1800 672 867 

or email us at

Get a free ATM - business model

Pros of this model:

  1. Lowest start-up costs compared to the other 2 models;

  2. You don't pay for maintenance and regulatory upgrades.



  1. You do not set the direct ATM charge;

  2. Direct debit authority required;

  3. Credit checks required;

  4. You get a much smaller share of the direct charge compared to the other two models;

  5. You do not get paid if your ATM does not meet a minimum transaction threshold;

  6. You must convince an ATM supplier that your ATM will do enough business;

  7. Least profitable option in the long run;

  8. ATM is likely to be pulled out of your venue if it does not meet the minimum transaction threshold on a regular basis.

Free ATM model
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Looking for a free ATM?

We can help you with that.

If you want to make money off an ATM without outlaying capital to buy, install and maintain it, we can still help you with that.  Your proposed ATM location must meet our strict performance criteria. We need demonstrable proof that your proposed ATM location will perform at least 1,500 cash withdrawals a month. If we are satisfied that your proposed ATM site will meet our performance criteria then we will install and service your ATM machine for free while you cash the ATM and earn a commission on ATM withdrawals.


Call us on 1800 MR ATMS or email us at to book your consultation today. 

Lease your ATM - business model

Pros of this model:

  1. Lower start-up costs compared to buying your ATM outright

  2. You set the direct charge for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries:

  3. You get the lion share of the direct ATM charges;

  4. No minimum transaction threshold is required;

  5. You own the ATM at the end of the lease if you lease it from us.


  1. Direct debit authority required;

  2. Credit checks required;

  3. You pay for maintenance and regulatory upgrades;

  4. There is a fee to exit the lease if you change your mind;

  5. More expensive overall than buying your ATM outright due to interest paid on the financing.


Consideration #4

Estimate how quickly you will repay your investment in an ATM from your ATM earnings.

Let's assume that you've done your basic calculations regarding the potential performance of your proposed ATM location and that you're ready to invest. There are many ATM models in the Australian market, however, there are only a few that are good value for money for Australian SMEs.


A new ATM, in the more affordable price bracket, you can expect to pay approximately $8,000 (for lobby style ATM) or $13,000 (for through-the-wall ATM), however you may be able to purchase a compliant second-hand ATM for approximately $5,000.


In a month, an ATM doing an average of 500 cash withdrawals could easily net $1,000-$1,100 for its owner, which means in 7 months your machine will have paid for itself.  


As our machines are designed to perform 10,000 transactions a month, the life of our new ATMs is 8-10 years . This means that for the life of the ATM you can easily net a profit of $113,000.  


For more "earning potential" info of ATM machines on our network click the button below.

Considering ATM suppliers?

With so many independent ATM providers, it's hard to understand the different options.

We're here to help! Make a more informed decision with Mandrake ATM.  Click the button below for additional information regarding the Australian ATM industry. Or follow our blog for interesting and relevant articles including the benefits of ATM ownership. .

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