Your ATM.

Your Cash. Rewarded.

ATM ownership and merchant cashing deserves to be rewarded generously.

Taking control of your payment environment

We have ATM owners in twelve different industries in Australia. For example, we have a high school in Queensland that bought an ATM machine from us so it can provide free cash access for its students and staff. 

We also have an entertainment venue with a captive market of night-time revellers that charges $5 per cash withdrawal. 

Most of our other customers set their ATM convenience charges somewhere between these two price points. All our customers find owning an ATM a rewarding experience: emotionally and financially. 

Some of our customers provide crucial financial services in very remote locations, since they own the only ATM in town. The gratitude of their customers is their biggest reward. For some of our other customers, who own ATMs in very busy locations, the ATM transactional revenue adds a few thousand dollars to their bottom line each month. 

How much can you make with an ATM?

Let us explore 3 realistic ATM earning scenarios.

Please read our ATM buying guide for more information on ATM costs and earnings by clicking on the button below.

ATM Earning Potential

We explore earnings from owning an ATM in a low, medium and high transacting location. The examples provided here are realistic representations of earning potential. You can make more than $2.20 per cash withdrawal, depending on the deal you negotiate with us. 

However, every ATM location is different and we cannot guarantee how your proposed ATM location will perform. The figures shown here reflect customers' potential earnings after our processing fees have been deducted.

Low  (250 cash withdrawals per month)
Earning $2.20 per cash withdrawal

$550 per month

Medium (600 cash withdrawals per month)
Earning $2.20 per cash withdrawal

$1320 per month

High (1200 cash withdrawals per month)
Earning $2.20 per cash withdrawal

$2640 per month

ATM earnings to smile about

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