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What should I expect from an ATM installation in my shop?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Our ATM technicians are highly skilled and experienced. The ATM installation process differs quite significantly if we are installing a through-the-wall ATM or installing a lobby style ATM. The first installation is far more consuming and will require a building permit from your local council. Make sure that you have bollards or some other obstacles installed on the pavement outside your through-the-wall ATM to make it impossible someone to raid your ATM with a heavy vehicle. These types rarely occur these days, since everyone is very security conscious these days.

When it comes to installing a lobby style ATM within your shop, restaurant, barber shop, pharmacy or any other type of retail business, the job of installing your ATM is pretty straightforward. If you ATM is bolted to a concrete floor, your ATM will be very secure. Timber floors in good conditions also offer a fair degree of protection from moving the ATM around.

The ATM technician will show you how to load the machine with cash, how to balance your cash and how to use all other basic functions of the ATM.

We expect our ATM technicians to operate to the highest standards of professionalism. If you experience anything less than that please inform our office immediately.

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