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Nautilus Hyosung 2800 Force Series

Nautilus Hyosung 2800 Force Series

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Nautilus Hyosung ATM models have been tested and tried in very demanding conditions. Hyosung has proven its dedication to making intuitive products that humans enjoy using. 


The NH 2800 SE series of ATM machines features a stunning 30.7 cm colour touch display and a more elegant user interface that its predecessors. The integrated topper now has a brightness control that adjusts the light to the needs of any mood, atmosphere or environment. Arrows at the card and receipt slots light up to direct the use to the required areas.


This ATM model stores 6,000 notes. The NH 2800 SE ATM model is suitable for indoor use in pubs, hotels, nightclubs, pharmacies, bars, schools, shopping malls, hairdressers, workspace cafeterias, university campuses, mines, construction sites, military barracks, factories, caravan parks, business tower lobbies, sporting venues and any other indoor location. 


With this model, there are significant serviceability improvements. The vault contains lighting that makes it easier for operators to load cash and service the ATM. There is no longer any need for someone to hold a flashlight while an operator services the ATM. Four power cord holes allow the ATM to be placed anywhere, even flush against a back wall. Additional bolt holes make it easier for operators to replace other ATM models with the NH 2800 CE.


The NH 2800 CE has an optional camera that photographs users during transactions. The ATM stores these photos in an additional transaction record archive. The ATM also displays its camera angle on the touch screen to show users they are under surveillance. Operators can now install third-party cameras if they require extra security.


The NH 2800 CE ATM offers a new wireless mounting bracket and two extra power outlets: one for your wireless modem and another for any other device for a video display on the top of the ATM. This bracket also keeps communication cables up and out of the way when operators access the top of the ATM and change receipt paper.

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