Terms and conditions of our 3 year warranty

On newly bought NH 2700 CE ATM machine models

The 3 year warranty applies to all newly bought NH 2700 CE ATM machine models that meet the latest regulatory requirements and that are ready for the new Australian banknotes. The warranty applies when the ATM machine is at fault. If your ATM machine is faulty, we will repair it at no cost to you. 

Warranty exclusions

The 3 year warranty does not apply in the following cases:
Broken ATM.png
  • Intentional or unintentional damage of any part of the ATM by an ATM user

  • Intentional or unintentional damage caused to the ATM due to it being operated in a manner contrary to instructions provided in the operating manual 

  • Damage caused to the ATM machine by not following the explicit instructions of our qualified staff in how to operate the ATM correctly

Flooded street.jpeg
  • Damage caused by pests and vermin (rats, possums, and other type of animals)

  • Damage caused by faulty electrical wiring in a customer's business venue

  • Damage caused by fire, flood, other

  • extreme weather events, other natural and man-made disasters 

eletrical tower.jpeg
  • ATM malfunctioning due to telecommunication issues beyond our control (like local or national telecommunication outages and upgrades)

Zero processing fees for a month

If we don't repair your ATM by an agreed date.

We promise that if we don't fix your ATM by an agreed date, we will waive our ATM processing fees for that month.