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Cash is Triple A.


Cash leaves no audit trail.


Cash is widely accepted and acts as a fall back if all else fails.


It can be touched, smelled, seen and stored for later use.

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Super reliable ATM machines for sale

Our ATMs are perfect for businesses wanting to make money from how they get paid.

We sell very reliable ATMs at affordable prices. Our company delivers intelligent ATM operating services and financially rewarding ownership solutions to cash-friendly Australian businesses. Cash is the only payment instrument with a Triple-A rating. For prices visit our ATM shop.

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Deal with an ATM supplier at your own terms.

Why have an external ATM supplier dictate the terms of having an ATM machine in your business? When you buy a Mandrake.ATM machine:
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You set the price of ATM transaction fees.

You regulate the level of cash takings at your ATM machine.

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You get the lion share of the direct ATM charge.

You make money from each ATM transaction.

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You control your own customers' payment experience.

You promote your brand on your ATM machine.

For the significant advantages of buying an ATM over getting a "free" ATM, read our ATM Buying Guide.

You own the ATM.
We own the problems.

We promise that if we don't fix your ATM by an agreed date, we will waive our ATM processing fees for that month.

When you experience a problem with your ATM we treat it like an emergency. We understand that downtime costs you money. When you buy a new NH 2700 CE ATM  model from us we give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with our 3-year warranty on labour and parts.

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See how our numbers stack up.

765+ ATMs

Placed and operated throughout Australia since 2004.

Over 85%

Of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years.


Average monthly ATM owner payment on an average performing ATM site.

Our Customers

Here are just a few of the great Australian businesses with whom we work together to provide access to cash for thousands of customers each day.
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