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Considering ATM suppliers?

Pressed for time, need to make a decision quickly, we know the feeling. 

If continuity and quality provision of ATM services is important to you, then you need to consider the points below.

Too good to be true?

Is a free ATM really the right solution for you?

We can appreciate that many business owners definitely prefer to get a free ATM, but they have to understand that there is nothing really free. The companies still offering "free" placement ATMs, either place too many conditions on customer payments (like transaction thresholds, which guarantee a minimum income for the ATM company) and keep control of the setting of the direct charge fee and the cash withdrawal limit in order to cover their capital expenditures for providing a "free" ATM to business owners. 

Sadly, in a desperate bid to win new customers, some of the new entrants to the ATM market offer unsustainably high customer payments in order to secure an ATM contract. These companies can not even repay a fraction of the capital expenditures needed to buy an ATM for a long time. Not surprisingly, these ATM businesses go out of business within a short period of time, leaving their customers with an "out of order sign" on their ATMs for long periods of time. 


Take control regional Australia.

Are you getting tired of being snubbed by the banks and big ATM deployers?

The no ATM fee policy of the big banks, makes it impossible for big banks to continue offering free ATMs and pay astronomic rentals or rebates to business owners. Those days are truly over. The big banks are completely retreating from putting ATMs in non-bank locations. There are little Australian towns without a single bank ATM.  

Often, entrepreneurial business owners in partnerships with ATM providers in Australia step in to fill the void left by the big banks or the big ATM companies.


It is impossible to get a free ATM unless these big ATM providers are certain your ATM site location can perform at least 1500-2000 cash transactions a month. That's a tall order these days. However, if your proposed ATM location has a demonstrable capacity to meet our transaction performance criteria, we would be happy to consider offering you a free ATM. Call us on 1800 67 28 67 (1800 MR ATMS) or email us to find out more.

Is your ATM ready for the new banknotes?

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