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Buy an ATM that is tested and tried

Are you looking for high-quality ATMs at affordable prices? It all starts (and ends) right here at Mandrake.ATM. We only carry Nautilus Hyousungs ATM and Genmega models. With 18 years of experience in the industry, Naitilus Hyosung ATM models have surpassed expectations. They have been tested and tried, time after time, in very demanding logistical, weather and telecommunications environments in Australia. The 2700 CE and the new 2800 SE ATM series models are very dependable and easy to use and maintain. They have high-capacity note storage. We have deployed the 2700 CE model to pubs, hotels, nightclubs, pharmacies, schools, shopping malls, hairdressers, workplace cafeterias, university campuses, mines, construction sites, military barracks, factories, caravan parks, business building lobbies, sporting venues and convenience stores. This just shows how versatile the indoor models of the NH 2700 CE and 2800 SE series are.

The extra heavy-duty NH 2700 T (through-the-wall) ATM model is suitable for virtually every imaginable outdoor environment. It performs best in streets or events with heavy pedestrian traffic.

All ATMs require a special ATM modem to communicate securely with the payments network. 


Please browse through our website to have a look at our selection. Email us or call us on 1800 672 867 to discuss all your ATM needs. Everything you need to know about purchasing an ATM from us is explained in great detail once you click on the image of the desired ATM model in the online store.

Welcome to Our ATM Online Store. Buying an ATM has never been so simple.

You can pay with a credit or debit card using our online ATM shop, or pay with a bank cheque or cash. Direct electronic transfer to our account assures the fastest payment and thus you will receive your product in the fastest possible way. You can lease an ATM by filling out the financing application provided below. More payment options coming soon.

You can now use our SSL-encrypted secure online store to buy ATMs and ATM thermal receipt paper powered by one of the biggest global payment gateway, Stripe. Shop with complete confidence! For our Privacy Policy, Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions click on the provided links

We also buy used Nautilus Hyosung 2700 CE and Genmega Onyx ATMs in excellent condition. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to sell us yours, provided it meets our technical criteria. Alternatively, please fill out this form.

Signing a Contract

ATM purchase agreements

We require fully executed ATM purchase and lease agreements before connecting your ATM to our network. Please read the legal documents as part of your informed purchasing decision. For our purchasing ATM agreement, click here

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