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My favourite quotes from ordinary people regarding NFC payments

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

"Sharron Payne - I think the idea of paywave and paypass is ridiculous! Is the world really so lazy that we need this! Is it really so hard to type a 4 digit PIN into a machine... All it achieves is making it easier for thieves to steal money." (The Courier Mail, 26 August 2015).

"Natalie Webber - Stupidest. Invention. Ever. I can't believe, in a world gone security & privacy mad, that some genius came up with this & they actually thought "What a good idea!" 21st century thinking at its finest. Smh.." (The Courier Mail, 26 August 2015)

"Simone Elizabeth Edwards - I hate pay wave ....but what annoys me most it when your at the shop or getting out of a taxi and I say DO NOT USE PAYWAVE and what do they do they use it." (The Courier Mail, 26 August 2015)

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